It’s ironic that the technology that’s supposed to connect us …disconnects us. We spend more time swiping pix or liking posts than we do actually talking to people. We spend more time looking at screens than looking at each other.

In a very real way, we’re losing touch with each other – even while we claim lots of “friends” online.

Study after study shows that too much social media use can result in less happiness and more depression. Our phones are like drugs that give us short-term highs, then let us down – so we use them more and more just to feel OK.

The Good News Is…We Are the solution!

Humans are made to be social. We’re happier together, happier when we do things with, and for, other people. We’re happier when we look each other in the eyes and share the moment. That’s great news. Because it means that the solution to “social media sadness” is a natural – just put down the phone and talk to someone.

ReaLyfe is Here to Help You Meet the New Old-Fashioned Way    

Okay…we don’t really think everyone will be able to just put down their phone – they’re pretty addictive after all. That’s why we’re creating ReaLyfe, the first meeting “anti-app” to make it easy for people to meet and talk with people wherever they happen to be – right here, right now.

ReaLyfe is a free app that we’ve been working on for months and it’s nearly finished. ReaLyfe quickly lets you find people near you (in the café, the park, the concert…), quickly learn what interests them, give them a friendly “tap”…and then put down your phone and talk with each other – safely and confidently. Whether you’re interested in dating, networking, or just finding a new friend to chat with.

ReaLyfe is like serendipity, only way better. We call it the new old-fashioned way to meet. Sign up for The Real Life Movement pledge by entering your email address (completely private!) and we’ll let you know as soon as ReaLyfe is available.

And in the meantime, join our Facebook page to meet like-minded people.

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