From “Screen Life” to Real Life – Giving Chance a Helping Hand

At ReaLyfe, we’re on a mission. That sounds serious. Luckily for everyone, it’s a fun mission that ends up making us all happy.

We’re on a mission to help reconnect us. All of us. Two real people at a time.

How are we doing that? Remember how we used to meet new people? We bumped into them. By chance. So what if we could give chance a little technological boost, help out serendipity and get us back to meeting real people the old fashioned way? Only way better.

That’s exactly what we’re doing. And we think we’re doing it at just the right time. Because most of our technology is doing the exact opposite – taking away chance. Taking away meeting. And in the process, it’s taking away our humanity.

You see, if you boil down all the research (there’s a lot of it) about us humans, it shows that we’re happiest when we have meaningful, real life connections to other humans.

But that’s not what social media technology gives us. Social media, whether on computers or smart phones, just connects us to…screens. And research shows that the more we’re connected to screens (and the less we’re connected to real live humans) the more depressed and lonely we are.

So why don’t we just put down our phones and be happier?

It sounds simple, but it turns out those screens are incredibly addicting –  tons of research on that, too. So even though they don’t make us happy, they’re nearly impossible to just put down.


We’re about helping. And connection. So…how can we help everyone reconnect?

In two, simple ways.

One, we’re helping to start a reconnect us movement by creating the Real Life Challenge. It’s a simple pledge to talk to another human face to face – today, this week, at least this month. You can take the Real Life Pledge right here.

Two, we’re creating the anti-app, called ReaLyfe. ReaLyfe empowers you to find nearby real people with similar interests, tap them to see if they want to chat…and then put down your phone and talk to them. Right here, right now. No social media. Just an old-fashioned meeting of two real people – with the help of a little human-centered technology.

Boom. Real Life. Not screen life.

ReaLyfe takes the scariness out of approaching a stranger. Because when you know that the person across the room (or park, or classroom, conference floor, pub, or…) cares about something you care about, and wants to talk with someone, too…then it’s easy to tap them on the app and go chat.

So simple. So revolutionary. So fun, really. And so reconnecting. That’s what we’re about.