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Call it chance. Call it serendipity. There’s a force in the world that brings people together. You walk into a room and see someone who makes your heart spark. A random conversation leads you to your next business partner…

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Giving Serendipity a Hand

Meet the Old fashioned way, but with some help….

What if we could help this process? Make it easier. Make it happen more often. That’s what ReaLyfe does. We give serendipity a hand.

With the ReaLyfe app you find real people who interest you. People who are in the park/café/pub/concert/conference with you. And they can find you, too. Your profile tells them what you’re looking for…a date, a new friend, a programmer for a startup. And you know what they’re looking for. Tap them on the shoulder with the ReaLyfe app. Then put down your phone and meet.

ReaLyfe Is All About Connecting People

Ironic, isn’t it, how the technology that’s supposed to connect us seems to…disconnect us. People spend more time swiping pix of strangers than they do actually meeting people. They spend more time looking at photos than looking into each other’s eyes. Meeting in ReaLyfe is the solution.

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